Regular training

We do regular training to help farmers improve their personal and business lives, hence helping them become successful farmers


Last mile delivery

We deliver quality and affordable biosecurity products and vaccines that help them prevent and manage any localized outbreaks


Extension services.

We provide on time extension services through our “Farm Corps” programme that serves as a quick access to veterinary and diagnostic help to combat any disease situation and/or spread


Our Strategy

Farm Alert is helping farmers develop sustainable practices that will enable them become more efficient first as an individual and also profitable as a business while bridging the gap between livestock and human health especially with disease that can be transferred from animal to human.

Why chose us

Problems are easier solved when problems solvers have personal relationships with clients and this is what we do at Farm Alert. Creating ease in communication between our farmers and ourselves which in turns helps us relate better with whatever challenges been faced by them.

Farmers Served 1000+
Livestock Saved $50,000,000+
Human Benefits 500,000+

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